Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Grand Children

My Grand Children: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Tiger lantern

At the recent MITF travel fairs at the Taiwan Tourism booth both my wife n me was invited to make this paper tiger lantern from a printed tiger piece of paper since Mid Autumn festival moon cake in a month time, we decided to take up the challenge.
Look simple but not so after taking out the tiger slowly there was more than 30 connection n fixing to match evm with the ready sample it is quite a bit difficult to figure out which point n etc to connect n fix like hook.
With the 2 grandsons in mind we finally manage to do it after more than half an hour the person who design must be very creative...
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Taiwan Tiger lantern

After more than half hour with tips given by the Taiwan tourism boooth staff finally the tiger lantern being completed with battery as well.
Meng June n Meng Kit playing with the tiger lantern so my effort not wasted at all.

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